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Water is a really valuable resource and conserving it is and should be a priority for all. Besides doing something great for the environment you also get to save money on water bill. Times are tough and every cent you save can go a long way.

Unbeknownst to many people, saving money on water bills requires little changes here and there some of which will not cost you anything. Here is some tips from our preferred caroma plumber Absolute Plumbing & Gas Solutions Noosa, to help you reduce your water costs!


Install a Dual Flush Toilet

Low flow toilets may save you water but installing a dual flush toilet will save you even more. Dual flush toilets have been around for a long time but are not as highly used as they should be. Using a dual flush toilet can save over half the amount of water you use with your conventional toilet per person which means significant savings on your water bill.

The dual flush toilet technology presents you with different flush options for solid and liquid waste. Liquid waste uses half of the water that the solid waste uses. Further, the design of the dual flush toilet allows for waste to leave the toilet with ease because it has a large trap way.

There are fewer indentations inside the bowl of the dual flush toilet so it is quite easy to keep it clean.


Take Less Time in the Shower

The longer you take in the shower the more water that goes down the drain. It takes an average of four to five minutes to get yourself really clean and relaxed in a shower. Aim not to stay longer than that. If you are shaving your legs or beard, turn of the water until you need to rinse.

Taking a five-minute shower with a low flow showerhead uses about 12 gallons of water while a ten minute shower will more than double that amount. For a family, the savings at the end of each day when you take shorter showers can be really significant. Challenge your children to also taking less time in the shower and let them grow up knowing the importance of saving water for the future.


Fix Leaking Water Fixtures

faucet If you notice a sudden spike in your water bill chances are you have a leaking water fixture somewhere in your house. Even a leaking faucet that just drips small drops of water can cause a significant dent in the water bill as these drops can amount to many gallons of water going to waste per day.

It is recommended that you hire an experienced plumber to repair your plumbing fixtures whenever the need arises and also to offer maintenance services for the home plumbing system to ensure it is in peak condition.


Use a Dishwasher

Using a dishwasher saves more water than hand washing your dishes especially if you have a newer energy star certified model. These models are said to save over 5000 gallons of water every year which presents major savings on water bills.

To ensure that you save even more whilst using your dishwasher, only use it with a full load. Even if you use run the dishwasher when half empty it uses the same amount of water. Also, do not rinse the dishes at the tap before using the dishwasher as that just wastes more water. Just scrape of the food remains and put the dishes in the washer.


Buy a Rain Barrel

If you already have gutters and downspouts installed in your house, all you need to be able to collect rain water is a barrel. Have the barrels installed at the end of the downspouts to collect rain water that you can use for gardening and cleaning your car. Each time you use water from the rain barrel you are saving on your water bill.


Take Showers Not Baths

Taking a shower especially when you are using a low flow showerhead only consumes a third of the water that you would have used to fill a tub for a bath. It takes about 35 gallons of water to fill a standard size tub while a five-minute shower with a low flow showerhead will use about 12.5 gallons of water. At the end of the year, you will have saved a significant amount of water with this simple change.


Replace Toilet Flappers Regularly

When you flush, the flapper valve opens allowing water to fill the tank. As the water is refilling the flapper is raised closing the valve until the inlet is completely shut. Replacing the flapper regularly ensures there is no water leaking through the valve into the toilet bowl. If this happens you might end up losing lots of water because of a device that costs just a couple of dollars.

You can also take the opportunity to upgrade your current flapper to an adjustable one that allows you to change the flush volume which can help you save money on the water bill.


Use a Low-flow Showerhead


Low flow showerheads work in two way to save water. The aerating ones work by mixing water that is flowing through the showerhead with air so you use less water. There are also non-aerating low flow showerheads that work by limiting the water flow and passing the water available through very tiny holes. With this kind of showerhead, you enjoy a massaging water spray more like a power shower without using lots of water. A low flow showerhead can bring up to 65% savings on your water bill which is quite significant.

There is always something you can do to use as little water around the house as possible. However, for significant savings on your water bill remember to always use the services of a professional plumber to check on your plumbing and water fixtures. Remember that your water bill accounts for the drinking water provided to your home and sewerage. Invest in water-efficient fixtures and use water sparingly whenever possible and you will reap huge savings, conserve water and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

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